From farm to table and everything in-between

From farm to table and everything in-between


In the food and beverage production, manufacturing and processing workspace, Thermo Fisher Scientific are helping workers stay safe with advanced technological solutions. No matter which sector of the business you're involved in or your scope of work in the environment, from process workers to warehouse and retail personnel - we have you covered every step of the way.

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Featured lone worker and safety solutions

G7 Safety Devices with Cellular or Satellite Coverage

The safety of people is paramount to all workplaces. The Blackline G7 is the only solution in the world to deliver work-anywhere wireless, multi-gas detection, two-way voice communication, text messaging, evacuation management and complete customisation for every business. The Blackline Safety G7 is a safety solution that provides immediate notifications in the event a worker needs assistance. A worker’s exact location is sent to others who can respond to the worker wherever they are located.


View our complete range of noise and sound level meters to meet your food manufacturing and production, environmental, industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety monitoring requirements. The measurements taken by sound level meters are compared to known standards to identify whether the noise level could have a detrimental effect on humans located near the noise source.

OdaLog® Odour/Gas

Our OdaLog range of products includes portable odour survey units through to larger on-line “general area monitors” and “process monitors”. These products are designed to survive in even the harshest environments.  Easily detect H₂S and other gases, and survey plant perimeters, fence lines, and corrosion control in equipment rooms.  Take advantage of an in-built GSM modem to transmit real time gas concentration data to a dedicated Internet server that is remotely accessible using the latest OdaStat-G software application.

Casella Apex2
Air Sampling Pump

The Apex2 range of sampling pumps has class beating performance and all models are Intrinsically Safe for use in flammable atmospheres. The Apex2 has the power to handle any personal monitoring regime, featuring pressure and temperature compensation, exceptional pulsation control, and long battery life. Get connected with the Airwavesup® mobile software and easily send data directly to your laptop. Monitor your pump remotely with Bluetooth®, without disturbing the wearer.

Personal Protective

Thermo Fisher Scientific are proud to be offering you Honeywell Safety Products.  Honeywell is a world leading manufacturer of PPE equipment and hand and body protection products with a comprehensive best in class range that supports eye, face and welding safety, hand and hearing protection as well as fall and respiratory protection.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Unlike gas detectors that you wear, the Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a detector that you hold as you sample the air in a confined space. It is the first gas detector on the market to feature the
1-Series sensor, with fast response, reliable performance, and long life even in most extreme environments.

Food & Beverage
Resource Library

Thermo Fisher Scientific's partnerships help provide the competitive edge your company expects, with the risk reduction your food production, manufacturing, processing or research environment demands.  This library gives you access to a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars and white papers for food microbiology, manufacturing and processing, beverage testing, analytical testing, and authenticity information.

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