Protect lives. Protect workers.

Protect lives. Protect workers.

Comprehensive solutions to improve safety in construction

Construction work is physically demanding and one of the highest risk industries facing fatalities and injuries from falls, slips and trips, body stressing and exposure to hazardous materials or environments. Thermo Fisher represents industry leading personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hardhats, safety glasses, steel-capped boots and respirators as well as wearable personal monitoring devices such as portable gas detectors and air/dust samplers. Our occupational hygiene range of products protect employees with the latest wearable technologies and help employers to effectively manage WHS risks.

Featured safety categories

Industrial and
Occupational Hygiene

Thermo Fisher Scientific work closely with occupational hygienists and local professional associations to ensure employers’ health in workplaces and assist employers implement appropriate strategies for controlled environment.

Gas Monitoring

High risk construction work carried out on or near pressurised gas mains or piping, including oil and gas, LNG, mining and large scale infrastructure projects.

Personal Protective Equipment

Full range of personal protective equipment and safety products suited for construction industry to protect site workers from occupational hazards within the workplace.


Professional welding teams in engineering, construction and metal fabrication are often required to work long hours and undertake physically demanding work. Metal work can expose the welder to serious carcinogens and irritants if effective protection isn’t available or used. Good respiratory protection is critical for welders’ health, comfort and productivity over these long periods.
Dust in the construction industry – What are the issues? Portable Gas Detection



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