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Seward has been manufacturing & developing the legendary Stomacher lab blender for over 40 years. The original and still regarded as the best, more than 8 million food samples a day are prepared on the stomacher 400 paddle blender units around the world.



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Stomacher 400 Circulator

The worlds leading laboratory blender for food microbiologists . Stomacher 400 improves organism recovery over older square paddle designs by enhancing the stirring and extrusion forces applied to the sample and in doing so driving more organism into suspension for analysis.


Stomacher 3500 Series

Provides a versatile range of tools for large volume blending and extraction where all washing solution or solvent needs to be retained for analysis. This heavy duty range of Stomachers are built to industrial standards and widely used application for large volume food microbiology , forensic residue analysis and testing of waterborne parasites


Stomacher 80 Biomaster

Is designed to process samples between 5 mL - 80 mL and 250 μL - 80 mL . The machines is compact size, reliability and performance has made it a standard processing tool in bioscience and healthcare, processing a range of samples from plant and animal tissue to pharmaceuticals


Stomacher Bags

The Stomacher bag range has been designed to fulfil all applications from blending , straining and storage . Made from high quality food grade virgin LDPE granule extruded to a minimum of 65 μm film thickness , Seward Stomacher bags are designed to withstand extensive blending without tears or perforations


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