Microbiological Lab Equipment  

Microbiological Lab Equipment

The smartest laboratory solutions are the ones you never have to think about. Because they keep you focused on doing the science you need to do. The way you want to do it. Access complete solutions for your microbiology workflow with Thermo Fisher Scientific and our Global leading partner brands.


Popular microbiological lab equipment

  Seward Stomacher 3500   IUL Eddy Jet 2   IUL Robotic Colony Counter  
  Seward Stomacher 3500 ›   IUL Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater ›   IUL Robotic Colony Counter ›  

Featured microbiological lab equipment


Sample Preparation

The importance of sample preparation cannot be overstated and the quality of preparation provides the foundation for accurate and reliable results.


Featuring a range of products from our leading partner brands, you can select the right product inoculation solutions based on your individual needs.


Bacterial Enumeration

Whether it’s a manual or automated system you require for your bacterial enumeration, we have a comprehensive range of colony counters available for all your microbiological analyses.

Other Microbiology Laboratory Equipment

Our additional Microbiology Laboratory equipment covers a range of essential applications from Environmental monitoring with our broad offering of air samplers to microscopy straining.

  Inhibition Zone Measurement

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