Parker Laboratories UltraDrape™ for UGPIV

Parker Laboratories UltraDrape™ for UGPIV
UltraDrape™ is a uniquely designed, sterile, dual-action barrier and securement dressing designed for use during Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (UGPIV) procedures. It is the world’s first barrier and securement dressing, eliminating the need for sterile gels, covers, and time-consuming post-IV procedure clean up.

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How can you improve UGPIV?

UGPIV has been shown to improve IV success rates, decrease the number of percutaneous punctures and decrease the time required to achieve intravenous access.

However, cleaning ultrasound transmission gel from the patient prior to IV securement takes considerable time when done correctly.  Inversely, inadequate removal of transmission gel may lead to securement dressing failure, requiring more frequent dressing changes. Research indicates contamination rates increase with the frequency of dressing changes.

UltraDrape™ was designed to provide a more cost-effective UGPIV procedure, offering barrier protection and securement in one. Learn more about this first-of-its-kind product and how UltraDrape may help:

  • Sterile, dual-action barrier
  • Reduce procedure cost
  • Eliminate time-consuming clean-up
  • Minimise securement failure
  • Enable a “no-touch” aseptic UGPIV procedure
  • Not made with rubber latex
  • Convenient adhesive strips on release film provide added securement of tubing and catheter hub
  • Bifurcated, “stand-alone” design prevents gel from reaching the IV site while enabling seamless catheter insertion and securement

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