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Ensuring food safety and quality for today's demanding consumers

Food quality and safety are two of the most challenging issues in the current regulatory environment that are of great concern to today's health-conscious consumers. Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a new production process, we're here to help. Our knowledgeable employees, innovative products, and an array of quality assurance solutions and educational resources enable you to maintain your focus where it should be—on delivering food products that meet the highest standards of food quality, safety, and authenticity that today's demanding consumers worldwide expect.

Food Analytical Testing

Our products, workflow solutions, and range of educational resources allow our customers to maintain their focus where it should be—on delivering safe, high-quality food products that consumers expect.

Beverage Testing

Beverage products need to be safe, consistent, unadulterated. Top beverage companies, contract and government labs come to us for our widest instrumentation portfolio—for accurate, reliable answers in the beverage analysis process.

Food Microbiology Testing

Our testing solutions include market-leading molecular instrumentation, sample preparation, and PCR detection of foodborne pathogens and quality indicator organisms, as well as environmental monitoring of food production.

Food Weighing and Inspection

Our product inspection systems provide you with the performance and service you need to improve the quality and safety of your products, help you eliminate errors, and ensure the integrity of your brand.

Food Authenticity and Labelling

We offer a variety of resources to help you keep pace with today's demands for accuracy in the labelling of food products, particularly with respect to authenticity of food ingredients, their origins, and nutritional content.

Test Kits for Food and Beverage

Our continuously expanding selection of tests for automated analysis with Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ and Arena™ System Reagents for Food and Beverage Testing includes colorimetric and enzymatic analyses for organic compounds, minerals, and biomolecules.

Food Allergen Testing

Testing for the presence of components ensures food manufacturers that an unlabelled and potentially dangerous ingredient did not make its way unintentionally into a product during manufacture. Our ELISA systems allergen assays and Mycotoxin test kits allow for the effective and fast screening for the presence of a range of allergen proteins and residues in food samples.

LIMS for Food and Beverage Labs

Our LIMS enable food producers to standardize and harmonize operations, from the farm to the table and from the production of raw ingredients to the packaging that delivers the product to the customer.

Dairy Industry Solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leader in providing scientific solutions to improve productivity and profitibility across the dairy production chain from farm to fridge. From routine monitoring to advanced solutions for food quality, safety and authenticity across the dairy production chain.

Meat Industry Solutions

Meat production is critical in global population expansion and nutrition. Advances in science have resulted in improved feed conversion ratios, decreased waste, reduction in use of hormones and antibiotics along with the ability to effectively test the origin and authenticity of foods. Find out how science can assist you in every step of meat production.

Food & Beverage Resource Library

This library gives you access to a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars and white papers for food microbiology, manufacturing and processing, beverage testing, analytical testing, and authenticity information.

Food & Beverage Learning Centre

Within the food and beverage learning centre you will have access to all food and beverage analysis techniques available to the modern testing laboratory. We look at food microbiology testing, manufacturing and processing, food analytical and authenticity testing as well as beverage testing.
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