TECTA Rapid Automated Microbial Detection Systems

TECTA™ Rapid Automated Microbial Detection Systems

TECTA™ is an automated microbiological platform that uses patented Polymer Partition technology to rapidly and reliably detect E. coli, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms and Enterococci contamination. Available for testing 4 or 16 samples, this platform is simple, sensitive and flexible, allowing for testing of samples at any time of the day. TECTA™ will automatically transmit data allowing for immediate notification on electronic devices, such as mobile phones or laptops, as soon as a contamination event is detected.

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TECTA™ B16 was the first automated microbiological testing system to have been approved by U.S. EPA for microbiological regulatory compliance testing required under the national primary drinking water regulations that are part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, including Total Coliform Rule, the Revised Total Coliform Rule, and the Groundwater Rule. TECTA™ has been demonstrated to be equivalent to US EPA and the US FDA-BAM standard methods, and is a AOAC approved method for selected food and beverage applications.


Source WaterSource Water

The TECTA™ system provides valuable early raw water intelligence, enabling more efficent management decision for treatment from a range of water sources including tap water, well water, lake water, and bottled water (high and low mineral content). Due to its tolerance to turbidity it can be performed at early stages of the water treatment process to accelerate the processing and release of potable water. 24/7 online reporting allows for real-time management.



Waste Water ManagementWaste Water Management

Processing of waste water requires effective management of microbioal load before efflux. The TECTA™ system can provide rapid 24/7 online reporting to maximise management in waste water treatment with applications including disinfection cost control, assessment of bacteria load of sludge/bio-solids, prior to disposal and minimising of delays in waste water release. This testing can be initiated with minimal staff training and performed onsite to provide rapid insight into the efficacy of treatment process and reduce the chance of a costly early release event.



Water Network ManagementWater Network Management

For municipal water and wastewater networks, a rapid response to events such as sewage overflows, sewer line breaks and potable water contamination, is critical. The TECTA™ system provides rapid determination of water contamination, with real-time reporting of and recording of results, in order to protect the health and well-being of the public.




Finished WaterFinished Water

Avoid the wait for costly lab results and get alerts 24/7. The TECTA™ System has been AOAC accredited and NATA certified for use in testing potable water. With results in 18-24 hours it can save you time, and money whilst increating your production.





Water is a vital element in farming it is essential for livestock and crops alike, irrigation and watering are vital part of their farming practices. Monitoring irrigation and stock water can reduce the biological risk to the environment, employees, stock, produce and consumers.




Disaster ReliefDisaster Relief

The impact of natural disaster such as flood and cyclones can have immediate and long term effects on water reservoirs. TECTA™ provides rapid assessment of water contamination and real-time feedback as it is returned to effected communities. It is also ideal for management of broken pipes and associated sewage seepage allow repair works to commence with accelerated approvals for the maintenance crews.



Food and BeverageFood and Beverage

Even with advances in farming, distribution, processing and storage practices, E. coli outbreaks continue to occur throughout the food chain. TECTA™ is AOAC accredited for tap water, well water, lake water, vegetable wash water, bottled water (high and low mineral content) and diet iced tea.



Remote CommunitiesRemote Communities

The ease of use and small foot print allows the TECTA™ system to be deployed in remote communities allowing for fast reliable and cost efficient data for remote networks. TECTA™ technology has been employed for water management at the Tamworth Music Festival in NSW, Australia to ensure that water quality was maintained throughout the event.



Remote CommunitiesRemote Industries

It is vital for all remote industries to ensure their water supply is flowing clean, safe and pure. When the health and safety of employees, visitors or residents is at risk, every second counts. An E. coli infection at a offshore facility, mining camp or other remote zone where tens, hundreds or even thousands rely on limited resources can be devastating. However, regular proactive testing with the TECTA™ technology could prevent an outbreak before it starts.



Recreational WatersRecreational Waters

Regular water quality testing of recreational waters reduces the potential of people contracting E. coli from recreational bathing water. The TECTA™ technology was employed during the 2018 Commonwealth games on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia to monitor venue suitability and protect the health of athletes participating in a range of outdoor water events. TECTA™ can help you to provide assurance for bathers in pools, beaches, reservoirs by providing rapid, accurate, reliable results.



TECTA™ is a self-contained ‘lab in a box’ for microbial testing that can be used with just 3 simple steps; add sample, load the cartridge, press start. Two instrument configurations available, the TECTA™ model B4 houses four incubation chambers whilst the TECTA™ model B16 houses sixteen. Each chamber is equipped with a built in spectrometer that is able to actively read and interpret test results.


Depending on the level of contamination, positive results can be obtained in as little as two hours and confirmed negative within 18-24 hours. Both models are network enabled to facilitate notification of results directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Samples per run 16 4
Independant heat pads 4 1
Temperature combinations 35°C
35°C - 41.5°C
41.5°C - 45°C
Pathogen detection kits available 4 4
Number of different detection kits that can be run simultaneously Up to 3 Up to 2
Stand-alone reader Yes Yes
Description TECTA™ B16 V2
Automated microbiology detection
Automated microbiology detection
  Learn more about TECTA™ B16 Learn more about TECTA™ B4


Both the TECTA™ B4 and TECTA™ B16 are also able to function as an end point “present/absent” reader, for facilitating high throughput sample processing in samples that are incubated in an independent incubator.



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TECTA™ technology is based on a semi-automated culture method which employs enzyme mediated florescence combined with a patented Polymer Partition technology that extracts hydrophobic fluorescent product from water. The culture conditions and detection enzyme selection are based on reference methods ensuring compliance with industry standards including AOAC.


The combination of these technologies enables sensitive, species specific bacterial detection and quantitative enumeration with real time sample analysis read by the built in spectrometer and analysis software. The polymer partitions facilitates detection independent of turbidity whilst offering a large dynamic range of <1 to >108 CFU in 100 ml without requirement for sample dilution.


The system is designed for ease of use with a minimal user preparation. Performing the incubation on the TECTA™ System allows for presence / absence interpretation and quantitative analysis of samples.




The TECTA™ system has been optimised to test environmental water, waste water, wash water, potable water and food samples for presence/absence of E. coli, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms and Enterococci contamination. The TECTA™ ALERT cartridge is Direct-to-Test cartridge, pre-filled with media and reagents (48 tests / box), ready for 100mL of sample.


  • No media preparation
  • No filtration
  • Single use cartridge (no clean up)
  • Shelf-life of 15 months from date of manufacture
  • Additional tests under development


Specifications for TECTA™ cartridges

Bacterial Species detected E. coli Fecal Coliform Total Coliform & E. coli Enterococcus
Incubation Temperature 41.5 +/- 0.5 oC 44.5  +/- 0.5 oC 35 +/- 0.5 oC 41.5 +/- 0.5 oC
< 1 CFU/100 ml  within 16 hrs  within 18 hrs  within 18 hrs  within 24 hrs
100 CFU/100 ml  within 9 hrs  within 10 hrs  within 12 hrs within 12 hrs
1,000 CFU/100 ml within 8 hrs within 9 hrs within 11 hrs within 10 hrs
10⁶ CFU/100 ml within 4 hrs within 5 hrs within 7 hrs within 4 hrs
Detection Enzyme β-glucuronidase β-galactosidase β-glucuronidase

On instrument semi-quantitative procedure (2- 24 hours):

  • Pour 100mL of sample into TECTAlert- cartridge (up to 100mL fill line)
  • Swirl cartridge for up to 2 minutes to dissolve reagents in cartridge. Use Thermo Scientific™ Compact Digital Mini Rotator with universal platform and attachment to swirl up to 12 cartridges.
  • Select: Correct TECTAlert on the menu of the TECTA™ System, to set the correct incubation temperature and analysis parameters
  • Load Cartridge into TECTA™ instrument and run


In high through put laboratories the technology can be employed for presence absence testing, with off instrument incubation, with detection and interpretation on the TECTA™ system. High through put procedure (18-24 hours):

  • Pour 100mL of sample into TECTAlert- cartridge (up to 100mL fill line) for your pathogen of choice
  • Swirl cartridge for up to 2 minutes to dissolve reagents in cartridge. It is recommended for high throughput to use Thermo Scientific™ Compact Digital Mini Rotator with universal platform and attachment to swirl the cartridges.
  • Place cartridge in an incubator at appropriate temperature and incubate for 18 -24 hours as per incubation instructions for each cartridge.
  • Load Cartridge into TECTA™ instrument and read.


Item Code Description Unit
ENDTECTA-CCA-48 TECTAlert CCA test cartridges for Total Coliforms + E.coli 48/pack
ENDTECTA-ECA-48 TECTAlert ECA test cartridges for E.coli (only) 48/pack
ENDTECTA-FCA-48 TECTAlert FCA test cartridges for Faecal Coliforms 48/pack
ENDTECTA-ENA-48 TECTAlert ENA test cartridges for Enterococci 48/pack


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