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Keep your lab stocked, equipped and optimized with our selection of lab solutions. We offer the labware and chemicals that you need every day, equipment and automation to streamline your workflow, and data management and analysis solutions to make the most of your results.

Laboratory Equipment

A comprehensive range of instruments and equipment to outfit any lab. Our products cover a broad range of essential applications crossing all key laboratory disciplines and functionalities.

Laboratory Supplies

High-quality plasticware, glassware and supplies designed to perform perfectly in demanding laboratory environments. Trust products developed by experts in designing for performance, usability and cost-effectiveness.


Full range including dry chemicals, solutions, solvents, acids, volumetric solutions, biochemicals, standards, high purity solvents and acids and specialty chemicals as well as kits for food and beverage analysis.

Life Science Research

Innovative biosciences technologies in life science research and drug discovery for protein research, cell culture, high-content cellular screening, RNAi, nucleic-acid amplification and biostorage.


Combining over 150 years of technical and scientific expertise in serving the microbiology community, you can confidently rely on our product quality and expertise every step of the way.

Scientific Instruments

Leading scientific instruments, automation, software and accessories serving research, engineering, analytical and industrial applications.

Data Acquisition and Signal Analysis

Portable and bench-top data acquisition and signal analysis equipment including recorders, data acquisition systems, signal analysers, wireless smart sensors.

Environmental Simulation

Environmental chambers simulating a range of conditions; while our plant chambers offer stable optimum conditions for germinating/growing various plant life.
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