Humidity and Moisture Analysis


Moisture Analysers

Sartorius Moisture Analysers are designed for at-line|on-line use in the laboratory. They provide a non-destructive measurement, determining moisture content without regular wet chemistry. Sartorius moisture analysers offer a fast alternative to the oven dryer ...More

LabMaster-aw Laboratory Instrument

High-quality laboratory device for the determination of the Water Activity of foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.. The intuitive and simple menu navigation improves the efficiency during the measurement. The highlight of the LabMaster-aw is its unique accuracy. Due to the newly developed electrolytic measurement cell -with saved calibration data as well as the temperature controlled measuring chamber- the instrument determines aw-values with high precision and repeatability. The integrated pre-conditioning chamber allows you to stabilise a sample therefore improving the measurement speed of multiple samples ...Download brochure

LabSwift-aw Portable Water Activity Instrument

Never before the water activity measurement was so simple and fast! The LabSwift-aw with its ergonomic design offers the possibility for portable measurements thanks to the optional lithium-ion battery. All data of a measurement, including the desired protocols are stored on a SD card and can be transferred to a PC or printer. A special program is available for the analysis of these data. The evaluation can also be done by a spreadsheet with Excel. This assures the full quality assurance and traceability of all measurement data. The LabSwift-aw impresses with speed, high measurement accuracy, reproducibility and robustness. Consequently this system sets new standards for the portable aw -value measurement ...Download brochure

Humidity Standards SAL-T

Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic tablets with humidity-permeable membrane for multi-use. The salts generate a defined air humidity in the temperature range of 15...30°C which flows out of the tablet through the permeable membrane inside the measuring chamber and generate there a defined and stable humidity environment. This established method of humidity generation is very precise and has an excellent repeatability. Novasina humidity standards SAL-T are available with the following humidity values: 6.4%, 11.3%, 32.8%, 52.9%, 75.3%, 90.1%, 97.0% und 98% rh ...Download brochure

SI Sorption Isotherm Set

This set allows together with the Novasina humidity standards SAL-T an easily determination of different points of a sorption isotherm. With the so-called SI-curve the determination of the water content of a product is possible. With this process, the sample is not destroyed and can be stored accordingly for further checks ...Download brochure


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