Cleanroom Mops

We offer a complete range of mops and mopping accessories to assist in maintaining your critical environments.

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Popular cleanroom mop products

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Featured cleanroom mop products


Contec Cleanroom Mopping Solutions

The unparalleled range of Contec’s mop hardware includes Autoclavable bucket systems, edgeless mops, mop wipe frames, isolator cleaning tools and wall washing systems. There is also a selection of mops and buckets for users with limited storage space.


Contec Specialty Cleaning Products for Animal Lab Facilities

Animal labs represent a tremendous investment in terms of time, money, and most importantly — new technology. Proper facility maintenance is critical to protecting this investment, which often represents years of research and experimentation. Contec, Inc. is a company that is dedicated to meeting the critical cleaning needs of challenging environments.


Micronova Buckets & Accessories

Longevity and ease of replacement are factors which affect each controlled environment to a different degree. In addition to its own designs in hardware, Micronova offers a selection of buckets and wringers to complement our standard cleaning systems.


Micronova Cleanroom Mops

Whether laying down disinfectant or cleaning to a dry finish, Micronova offers different designs and fabrics to address the various protocols found in cleanroom environments.


Texwipe Cleanroom Mops

Texwipe mops are designed to reach contamination in both large and small areas, and every place in between. No matter the application, Texwipe’s line offers a mop, from floors to ceilings to wring-bucket systems to isolator-type applications and beyond.

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