Environmental & Hygiene Monitoring  

Environmental & Hygiene Monitoring

Our product portfolio offers a large selection of Thermo Scientific Remel and Thermo Scientific Oxoid environmental testing products, including swabs, plates, tubes and custom media formulations; as well as a leading solution in air and surface sampling from global brands such as 3M. We manufacture and distribute the highest quality products to monitor your processes, meeting regulatory guidelines to ensure the accuracy of your environmental and hygiene testing.


Popular environmental & hygiene products

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Triple Wrapped Irradiated Plates

Designed for your most regulated environments, Thermo Scientific Triple Wrapped Irradiated Plates feature the latest in quality-assurance technology. From advanced layered protection to enhanced performance, it’s the superior choice for environmental monitoring.

Hygiene Monitoring Systems

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen) is a simple method of checking for removal of protein residues after cleaning. As the majority of allergens are proteins, if a surface is found to be protein-free, it is also free of protein-based allergens. Monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning in critical areas helps reduce the risk of a food safety incident. With the 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring System, monitoring for contamination on surfaces and in hard to reach areas is simple with results available in 30 seconds.

Environmental Flexi Swabs

The Thermo Scientific Environmental Flexi Swab is designed for swabbing all types of surfaces within the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It has a unique transport system ensuring viability of microorganisms during transport and its large sample head allows for enhanced recovery compared to cotton-tipped swabs.

Thermo Scientific Enviroscreen

A range of Hygiene monitoring and environmental monitoring products including Hygiene Surface Sampling Kits offered in a variety of different formats (Hygiene Swab and Hygiene Sponge) to optimise hygiene and environmental monitoring protocols.

Air Samplers

For use in the pharmaceutical and food production areas or clinical settings for environmental monitoring.


Sample-Ready Media Plates

3M™ Petrifilm™ plates are a range of sample-ready media plates that are uniquely designed to offer you time savings, increased productivity, reliability and most of all that you can feel confident about. Combined with the 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader will provide consistently accurate counts in just 4 seconds. This compact machine fits efficiently into the lab environment and saves critical time by automating your lab’s labour intensive plate reading.

Protein Detection Surface Samplers

AccuClean™ is intended to be used as a simple method to determine the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment. The user simply rubs the sampler’s tip across a surface, places the sampler back in its cartridge and activates the test by depressing the plunger through the cartridge. After 10 minutes, the sampling tip is compared to a colour chart to gauge the level of protein detected.

Sanitation Monitoring System

Neogen’s AccuPoint2 ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is a lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a sanitation program by detecting food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in liquids. The system utilizes easy-to-use AccuPoint samplers, which automatically mix prepared reagents to quickly generate results.

Environmental Water Testing

Colitag™ uses a selective and differential medium capable of detecting Total Coliforms & E. coli in drinking water, surface and source waters samples within 16 - 48 hours. Colitag™ does all this with a simple, ready to use medium that you combine with a water sample.

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