The Fisher BioReagents brand delivers convenience, quality and consistency. We offer essential reagents pre-qualified for dedicated applications, eliminating the need for testing. Our high-purity products are designed for a wide range of applications.


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Buffers for Life Science Research  

Buffers for Life Science Research

Obtaining optimal results in your research requires careful selection of reagents. With Fisher Bioreagents buffers, you can meet the needs of every budget and scale in your lab. Guaranteed Dnase-, Rnase- and protease-free, suitable for Life Science applications including: Cell and tissue culture; Electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins; Isolation and purification of biomolecules.


Cell Biology

The CellPure™ Biological Buffers are ideal for cell cultivation, isolation of cells and enzyme assays. While, the Tissue Culture Grade uses materials of superior quality where there are no published standards and are suitable. For those applications that require more stringent specifications, we have the Molecular Genetic Grade that have been specifically purified and assayed.

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Fisher BioReagents Complete Range  

Fisher BioReagents Complete Range

High-quality, high-purity and pre-qualified reagents that meet your life science needs, all from one source. Use our keyword search or filter options on our online store to find the right BioReagent. We have a full range of BioReagents to support your every need.

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