Low Pressure and HVAC Sensors

Low Pressure / HVAC Sensors

The Low Pressure / Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) category includes a line-up of pressure sensors that possess superior versatility, reliability and performance.


LP 1000 Low Differential/Gauge Pressure Sensors

The LP 1000 series of low differential/gauge pressure sensors is specifically designed for use in cleanroom, HVAC control and similar applications where the accurate and reliable monitoring of very low pressures is required...Download brochure

LPM/LPX 8000 Series Low Differential Pressure Sensor (Voltage/Current)

The LPM/LPX 8000 series accurately measure low differential or relative pressures of gases and liquids from ±10 mbar to ±1 bar full scale. With a choice of current or voltage output, they are suitable for unidirectional (e.g. 0 to 20 mbar) or bi-directional (e.g. -20 to 20 mbar) pressure measurements...Download brochure

RTX 1000 Series 4-20mA Analogue/HART® Pressure Transmitters

The RTX 1000 series provides a choice of user rangeable pressure transmitters with conventional analogue 4-20mA signal (RTX 1000 A) or with HART digital signal superimposed (RTX 1000 H)...Download brochure

RPT Series Resonant Pressure Transducer

The RPT Series is no longer available and has been superseded by RPS/DPS8000 and RPS/DPS8100 Series TERPS Technology Sensors.

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