Instrinsically Safe Pressure Sensors

Instrinsically Safe Pressure Sensors

These IECex intriniscally safe industrial pressure sensors have been designed for use with aggressive pressure media found in many industrial and process applications.


UNIK 5000 "Unique" Pressure Sensor

The UNIK 5000 is a "unique" high performance configurable solution to pressure measurement. The use of modular design and lean manufacturing techniques allow users to design the product required to their unique application requirements and for them to be delivered inside standard product lead times. We custom-build pressure sensors from standard components, matching accuracy and specification to meet your needs ...More

PTX 1400 Industrial Pressure Transmitter

The PTX 1400 incorporates developments from aerospace applications and volume manufacturing advanced to achieve good performance with competitive pricing...Download brochure

PTX 500 Series Industrial Pressure Transmitters

The PTX 500 series combines micro machined silicon diaphragms with fully welded stainless steel and Hastelloy pressure ports to provide a highly accurate, stable pressure transmitter with the materials and environmental protection required for industrial applications....Download brochure

PTX 600 Series Precision Pressure Transmitter

For critical applications in industrial and research environments the PTX 600 series of two wire, 4-20mA output pressure transmitters improves upon the performance of previous models by offering new levels of stability, versatility and measurement accuracy from a standard production device....Download brochure

PTX 7900 Industrial Pressure Transmitter

The PTX 7900 series combines modular design with the latest advances in ASIC technology and surface mounted electronics. This provides a lightweight and cost effective alternative to pressure gauges and switches in process industry applications...Download brochure

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