Non-Contact Measurement

Non-Contact Measurement Systems

A range of products consisting of general gauging instruments based on laser triangulation, fiber-optic and capacitance technologies for position, displacement and vibration measurement applications. Custom computerised solutions are available for data acquisition, process control and quality control monitoring. Other applications for our laser triangulation, fiber-optic and capacitance sensors include runout, thickness, nano positioning, flatness, profiling, step height measurements, alignment, warpage and dimensional gauging.


Laser Triangulation Systems

Microtrak family of laser triangulation sensors offer high speed, high resolution displacement, position and vibration measurements. The Microtrak features state-of-the-art CMOS/CCD laser triangulation technology, ideal for solving tough in-process, production and quality control applications. The large variety of laser triangulation sensors provide operating distances to 300mm, measurement ranges to 200mm and measurement resolution to less than 1 micron ...More

Fiber Optic Measurement Systems

MTII offers advanced fiber-optic based measurement instruments and sensors for displacement, position and vibration applications. With frequency response to 500 kHz and resolution to 2.5 Angstroms these fiber optic sensors are ideal for high performance measurement applications that require non-contact sensing technology. High resolution vibration measurements are provided through MTII's MTI-2100 Fotonic sensor which offers both digital and analog outputs of vibration and displacement. Customized fiber-optic probes are available for high temperature and harsh environment applications ...More

Capacitance Measurement Systems

Highly accurate, stable capacitance measurement sensors and probe systems for a wide variety of displacement, position, vibration and dimensional gauging applications. Our Accumeasure product line consists of single and multiple channel capacitance rack systems that can accept up to 10 capacitance sensors with individual analogue measurement outputs. Custom OEM capacitance sensors are available for integration into machine tools and inspection systems with linearity to 0.01% of the measurement range ...More

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