Process Gas Analysis

Hydrogen & Thermal Conductivity Analysis


XMTC Panametrics Thermal Conductivity Binary Gas Transmitter

The microprocessor-based XMTC is a compact, rugged, online thermal conductivity transmitter that measures the concentration of binary gas mixtures containing hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane or helium. The analyser also combines computer enhanced signal measurement with fast-response software, real-time error detection and digital communication via an RS232 or RS485 interface ...Download brochure

TMO2D Display & Control Module

The TMO2D is an optional display and control module that enhances the performance and operation of transmitters such as the XMO2, XMTC or O2X1. It provides a two-line x 24-character backlit LCD display, display and option programming via keyboard, recorder outputs, alarm relays, and relays for driving sample system solenoids for automatic zero and span calibration, as well as a 24 VDC power supply for the transmitter. The TMO2D also provides microprocessor-based oxygen signal compensation for improved accuracy for the TMO2 transmitter ...Download brochure

XDP Panametrics Explosion-Proof Display

The XDP explosion-proof display provides the measurement of percent or ppm oxygen or hydrogen gas. The explosion-proof XDP is certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, & D, and II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 hazardous areas ...Download brochure

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