We offer a large range of multi-parameter instruments for portable electrochemistry.


In-Situ SMARTROLL™ Multiparameter Handheld

The SMARTROLL™ Multiparameter (MP) Handheld combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility. The intuitive iSitu™ Application eliminates training time and runs on your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® device ...Download brochure

In-Situ Aqua TROLL® 500 Multiparameter Sonde

Reduce monitoring costs and get better data faster with the Aqua TROLL 500, a cost effective multiprobe ideal for both spot checks and long term monitoring ...Download brochure

In-Situ AquaTROLL 600

The AquaTROLL 600 is rugged in groundwater and corrosion-resistant in surface water, delivering accurate, reliable data in an easy-to-use, flexible instrument that performs for years. Base sensor configuration includes EPA-approved optical dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, and pressure. Can be integrated with In-Situ telemetry systems and HydroVu™ Data Services for real-time feedback on your remote monitoring sites ...Download brochure

Aquaread™ Aquaprobe AP-2000 Portable Multi-Parameter Probe

The Aquaprobe AP-2000 is a user configurable, portable, multi-parameter probe. The AP-2000 offers a choice of 3 parameters that can be selected from a range of standard parameter options. The probe is supplied with one ISE electrode socket and one optical electrode socket, plus the option to add a depth sensor! The probes are supplied with blanking plugs in the optional electrode ports as standard. Simply unscrew the plugs to add your extra electrodes

...Download brochure

Aquaread™ Aquaprobe AP-7000 For Long Term Deployment

The AP-7000 is a ground breaking instrument designed for long term deployment. This self cleaning sonde features a dual wiper system to clean all electrodes and has a range of logging options available ...Download brochure

Aquaread™ GPS Aquameter

The GPS AQUAMETER™ from AQUAREAD™ is the world’s most sophisticated, yet easy to use multiparameter water quality test system. No other equipment available today can match the GPS AQUAMETER™ and associated AQUAPROBES™ in either specification or value for money ...Download brochure

TPS 90FL Series

The Australian made 90FL, 90FLMV and 90FLT are ideally suited to spot checking and logging applications. The sensors allow for in-situ measurements in 50mm boreholes, lakes, streams, sewers and channels. The sensor design is simpler than more complicated sonde-type probes resulting in easier maintenance and less servicing ...Download brochure


The WP81 water quality instrument is a field-rugged meter. It is loaded with features yet easy-to-use ...Download brochure


The Aqua-CP/A is a waterproof, all-in-one meter for Conductivity, TDS, pH and  Temperature. It features multiple Conductivity and TDS ranges, making it suitable for a wide variety of lab and field applications. The ranges are automatically selected to provide the best available resolution ...Download brochure

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